Sunday, November 21, 2010

About me

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My name is Bang. I was born in 1986 in Ho Chi Minh city, a southeast city of Viet Nam.
I spent four years at Le Quy Don high school. It was a great experience for me to study there with all of my great friends and the knowledge I gained. I finished high school in 2004.
After that, I continued to study in International University in Vietnam for four years. During that time, I found a great part time job that I kept working afterward. I got a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology in 2008.
After graduated from university, I went to work as a software engineer for 2 years at the company in which I had my internship before, called Gold Point Company. Started as a developer, I soon became a team leader. I studied lots of new things there not just technical stuff but also managerial skills. Dealing with many challenges that gave me a great amount of experience, I recognized that I could do more than what I had done. Consequently, I determined to quit the job and started my new university life in Australia.
I am persuing a Master degree at Macquarie University in Information Technology. I am quite an ambitious man. I always try to create new opportunities even when facing with difficulties. Working with my best, I hope to have a chance to work in some very professional companies around the world such as IBM and Sun.

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